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Sell Perforator ( Formaldehyde Emissions Test )

  • Country Origin
    : Indonesia
  • Price
    : IDR
  • Payment Method
    : Transfer Bank (T/T)
  • Description
    : Perforator (Formaldehyde Emission Testing)
  • Last Updated
    : 18 Jan 2014

Product Specification Sell Perforator ( Formaldehyde Emissions Test )

Perforator Extraction Apparatus C/ W :

- Condensor
- Adapter
- Filter Catridgde
- Ball Tuube
- Erlenmeyer Flask
- Transition Pice
- Round Bottom Flask

* Stand And Base
* Lab Jack
* Keck Clamp
* Bosshead
* Chain Clamp
* Clamp Nickel Plated

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Company Information PT. Putra Primajaya

Company Name : PT. Putra Primajaya
Company Details :

Address : Cluster Serenade Lake Blok B6/19 Gading Serpong Cilegon
Banten , Indonesia
Phone :
Fax :
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Year Of Establishment : 2000
We Sell : Bahan Kimia
About : Pt. Son Primajaya An Agent, Distributor Media Chemical & Special Water Treatment, Supplier Chemical Industrie / Drilling Chemical Etc, Laboratory Equipment, Electric And Mechanical For Various Industries
Our Products Are Marketed Primarily To Water Management Is A Product That Is Very Effective And Environmentally Friendly, Which Refers To The U.S. Epa, Osha And European Environmental Standards.
Our Company Is Also A Contractor And A Design For A Water Treatment Plant Such As: Reserve Osmosis, Demineralizer Plant, Softener Plant, Sand Filter, Water Treatment Plant And Waste Water Treatment Plant, Pengoboran Geoelectric Deep Well & Services, Also Contractor For The Installation Of Hot And Cold Insulation
Our Company Also Has A Lot To Do With Palm Oil Processing Industry (Mcc), The Industry Food And Beverage, Chemical, Wood And Mdf, Paper Industries (Pulp And Paper), Industrial Rubber (Crumb Rubber), And Others

Pt. Son Primajaya Will Also Provide After Sales Service Periodically For Water Management Program.
Products / Services

Chemical Industry,
Drilling Chemicals,
Crumb Rubber Chemicals,
Chemical Analys,
Water Treatment Chemicals
Laboratory Equipment
Water Quality Laboratory
Loboratorium Industrie
Loboratorium Mine
Laboratory Of Palm Oil
Laboratory Crumb Rubber / Rubber
Air Filtration Media
Anthracite / Filter Media
Aktive Carbon / Activated Carbon
Silica Sand / Gravel
Manganese Sand
Filter Nozzle
Filtration Tank
Eching Ion Resin
Resin For Softener
Resin For Demineralizer
Resin For Mixbed
Resin For Chloralkali / Brine Decalcification
Resins For Catalyst
Resins For Metal Removal
Resin For Sugar
Hot Insulation
Cols Insulation
Insulation For Ducting
Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant
Design - Supply - Installation - Commissioning - Maintenance
Water Treatment Plant And Waste Water Treatment Palnt. Cylender Clarifier, Lamella Clarifier, Tank Anion, Cation Tank, Sand Filter Tank, Carbon Aktive Tanks, Etc.
Wtp & Equipment Mechanic
Pump: Centrififugal, Summersible, Gear, Multistage, Deep Well,
Dosing Pump, Pump Chemicals.
Mixer, Agitator,
Drum Chemicals
Electromotor, Gear And Gearbox,

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Contact Details

  • Branch Banten
  • Address:
  • Cluster Serenade Lake Blok B6/19 Gading Serpong, Cilegon
    Banten , Indonesia
  • Phone :
  • Fax :

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